About Montana Agri-Women

  • Is a non-profit, non-partisan, public interest organization

  • Promotes education and communication for Montana women in all aspects of agriculture

  • Is a force for truth

  • Is a reasoned, non-partisan voice for the agricultural community to the public

  • Builds & strengthens alliances

  • Communicates & informs individuals & organizations to influence positive perceptions of agriculture

  • Works well in areas of legislation, regulations, consumer relations, promotion and education

  • Are consumers as well as producers and have a unique point of view to offer


Montana Agri-Women's Leadership

President: Meg Foran

Meg has a history steeped in agriculture both in farming and ranching. She knows the value agriculture holds and is committed to growing the positive perception of it in Montana and the nation. She has lived in Montana the majority of her life and was active in 4-H for over 10 years. While attending North Dakota State University, she pursued Agriculture Communications and Animal Science degree participating in both Saddle and Sirloin Club and Livestock Judging Club. She has her own flock of Hampshire sheep and small herd of registered Shorthorn cattle as well as few horses. She is proud to be the Vice-president of MT Agri-Women and looks forward to promoting Montana's number one industry.

Read her interview with Billings Chamber of Commerce here.


Contact: meghan@nutralix.com

President Elect: Maggie Howley

Maggie grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, with milk and agriculture running through her veins. She has spent her life promoting agriculture and raising children. Maggie was a founding  member of Montana Agri-Women. Besides devoting her time to Agri-Women, Maggie has been involved in Pony Club on a national level. Maggie's passions include, gardening, traveling, grand-kids, and horses.

Secretary: Kellie Kittelmann

Kellie Kittleman was born and raised in Montana on a small farm that produced four great kids and a few chicken eggs.  Kellie became President of Montana Agri Women April of 2012.  She works at her families liquid feed company located in Billings and enjoys working with ranchers in the day to day life.  As well as lending a hand at Yost Events team ropings during the summertime.  Kellie lives north of Park City with her husband Kaine.  


Contact:  kellie@nutralix.com

Treasurer: Karen Yost


Karen Yost is past president of Montana Agri-Women and a past president of American Agri- Women. Karen has a passion for agriculture and the western way of life. She was born and raised in Montana, She and her husband, George, are owners of Nutra-lix, Inc. a liquid feed company based in Billings, MT. Check out this quick video of Karen expressing her passion for agriculture  https://youtu.be/GYkWekv9Ecg .


Contact:  karen@nutralix.com

Past President: Melody Dobson

Melody has many irons in the fire. She is very passionate about agriculture and promoting Montana's Farmers and Ranchers. Besides assuming the leadership role in Montana Agri-Women she is launching the www.americandoorstopproject.com. Comfortable in front of a podium or behind a microphone, Melody is enthusiastic about communications. But, her strengths shine in the arena of interpersonal communications. "My convictions are strong in this fast paced world of communications. “Relationships with Respect and Integrity” are baseline and fundamental. For over 30 years, I have kept that as my mantra. I believe it has served me well in developing collaborations that have a dedicated purpose and helped to move projects forward for the greater good. I love what I do and appreciate the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people on a daily basis. “ -Melody


Contact:  melodydobson@besnan,net

Montana Agri-Women's Committees

Membership Committee:

Lora Caton

Karen Yost

Fundraising Committee:

Maggie Howley
Melody Dobson
Kellie Kittelmann

Meg Foran


Program Committee

Karla Burglie
Maggie Howley
Meg Foran
Karen Yost
Melody Dobson


Legislative Committee

Ellen Allen

Karen Yost

Convention Committee

Meg Foran

Kellie Kittelmann

Katie Yost