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Montana Agri-Women Donated food to the Billings Food Bank today for International Day of the Ag Producer. Read more about the day of honoring the people that feed us here and all around the world below.

On October 2nd. PETA and other animal rights groups will launch a social media campaign titled "FastAgainstSlaughter". It is aimed specifically at bringing negative attention to what they consider inhumane treatment of beef cattle and other food animals. Those of us who are knowledgeable about such things, know that U.S. producers use the most advanced and humane processes available and that protein from meat is the most deficient nutrient in hungry people world-wide. This #AgProvidesFacebook page was organized as a response to such ignorance and negativity. We hereby claim October 2nd in the name of conscientious, ethical agricultural producers worldwide. This year, it will be the day to recognize and thank that 1% of the population who dedicate their lives to provide food for the rest of our society. It is a day to celebrate who we are and what we do, but also to help spread the word to those distanced from agriculture and who need factual, balanced information. Therefore, we declare October 2nd, 2014 the: INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE AG PRODUCER. During this week leading up to October 2nd, we will continue to provide the positive message about the good things that Ag Provides. Our partners across the country are collecting food for local food banks and publicizing their results. We would ask you two things to help with this effort: 1) Share, like and comment on this message on your wall. Just a few shares exponentially increases our reach, and 2) Post your own positive messages on October 2nd with the hashtag #AgProvides. Use pictures, stories of your family, highlight producers you know, give statistics for your nation, state or local community or simply give a shout-out and a "thank-you" to those who are working hard to put food on our table!.


The most important thing is to flood Facebook on October 2nd with the positive messages we so often keep to ourselves. Don't let the anti-agriculture message be the only message some people see about our industry. We need you this week and it is a simple task that can have huge impact."

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